Naira MasterCard

This is our flagship debit card. It gives you access to funds in your current and savings accounts from any terminal displaying the MasterCard logo anywhere in the world. From paying at supermarkets to enjoying the vacation of your dreams , the Naira debit MasterCard elevates your purchase a step above cash or cheques with control and convenience.

What does it offer you:

Your card is denominated in Naira and linked to a Naira account

You get to make foreign currency withdrawals from any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo anywhere in the world.

24 hour access to your current and savings account from anywhere in the world via ATM, POS and web.

Chip and PIN enabled for optimal security

Online protection for your web transactions with MasterCard Securecode®

It saves time and money, as you can spend directly from your account anywhere in the world.

You get the freedom to spend up to a maximum of $150 000 annually for international transactions with your card.

Your card remains valid for three years.

24 hour contact center support

Transaction limits:

  • Local ATM withdrawals: N150 000
  • Local POS transactions: N1 000 000
  • Online transactions: N500 000
  • International ATM withdrawals: $300
  • Monthly ATM/POS/Web transactions : $3000

(or the equivalent in the currency of the country you are transacting in)


How much it will cost you:

New Card

N1 050

Replacing a lost, damaged or expired card

N1 050

Monthly maintenace fee

N 50 + VAT


Local ATM cash withdrawal (Stanbic IBTC ATM)


Local ATM cash withdrawal (Other banks)

N65 after the third withdrawal in a month

International ATM cash withdrawal

N368 per withdrawal


Purchases made on POS and on local websites in Nigeria


Purchases made on POS abroad and on foreign websites


What you need to apply:

You get your Stanbic IBTC Naira MasterCard once you open an individual current or savings account.

Please call us on (234) 01 422 2222 or send an email to  if you need more information on the card.


Customer Care Line

0700 333 3333

+234 700 333 3333


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