Stanbic IBTC Naira Prepaid Cards

The Stanbic IBTC Naira Prepaid card is a pre-funded Naira denominated card which is linked to a virtual account. This card provides individuals and corporates with a more effective way of streamlining travel, for expense management and petty cash payments etc.

What does it offer you:

  • You get a card with chip & PIN security features enabled to keep your funds safe.
  • The card is local use only (within Nigeria).
  • You can choose to personalise your card.
  • Lower risk since the card is not directly linked to any of your core bank accounts
  • Your  prepaid card can be used to transact on ATM terminals, POS and online.
  • We have a secure payment platform available to enable corporate organisations load the prepaid cards without the intervention of the bank.
  • Your card can be either MasterCard & Verve issued
  • Online protection for your web transactions with Safetoken®
  • Your card remains valid for 3 years
  • 24 hour contact center support


Transaction limits:

  • Daily ATM Withdrawals: N150,000
  • Daily POS transactions: N1 000 000
  • Daily Web transactions: N500 000



How much it will cost you:

New Card

N1 050

Replacing a lost, damaged or expired card

N1 050

Monthly Maintenance Fee

N50 + VAT

Load Fee


Load fee                                                                               N100 + VAT

Local ATM Cash withdrawal (Non Stanbic IBTC)

N65 after the 3rd in a month


Purchases made on POS and on local websites in Nigeria


Purchases made on POS abroad and on foreign websites


What you need to apply:

Getting your Stanbic IBTC Verve prepaid card is easy, just open a minimal KYC account with us. Please call us on (234) 01 422 2222 or send an email to 


Customer Care Line

0700 333 3333

+234 700 333 3333


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